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The 1910 Inn

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An Industrious Summer

Posted on August 6, 2013 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (20)
June and July 2013 Journal
Oh, how I love this ‘old house’!  What I really mean is that I love the people that arrive, the experiences that are shared, and the love that fills and surrounds this 103-year-old Grand Victorian Lady.
The summer months at The 1910 Inn have been busy and fun.
Renovations began on a few specific areas of the structure that have been in need of help for decades.  A new/old door will replace the old/old door at the inn’s veranda carport entrance. The door has been chosen and is being prepared for an August installation.  Remember the veranda ceiling?!  If you have seen it…oh…my…you remember it!  
Yes, it has been labor-intensive, and the summer rains have slowed down the progress, but Gus and his amazing crew from Gulf States Industries have carefully restored the ‘tongue and groove’ veranda ceiling back to its original glory.  This ceiling is not typical, because the veranda is not typical.  The veranda is a semi-circle of curved shade.  10 feet by 80 feet follow along the exterior of the ‘round room’ of The 1910 Inn.  Beams extend from the house, and each piece of ‘tongue and groove’ that spans from one beam to another is a different length.  HUNDREDS!  Hundreds of narrow pieces of southern pine have been cut to fit exactly into the Victorian puzzle!
The completed veranda is beautiful, even though it still needs some sanding and painting.  It may occasionally be overlooked by some, as they sip a cool beverage and gently rock their cares away in a vintage rocking chair, but some will glance upwards and know that the veranda ceiling is somewhat amazing.  Skilled artisans created it more than a century ago.  And skilled artisans of a new millennium revitalized it back to its original beauty.  How fascinating it would be (if it were possible) to have the artisans of 1910 meet the artisans of 2013.  I believe they shared and share the same love for their craft and the same pride in their work ethic.
Guests…oh so sweet guests.  They find their way to The 1910 Inn.  They share an interesting appreciation…they see the beauty in this ‘old house’.  They prefer the comforts of a home and the peaceful tranquility that The 1910 Inn provides to them.
Blueberry Jerry (honest, that is his name on his business card!) and his wife cherished that tranquility after the busiest blueberry harvest they have ever experienced during their 22 years of being blueberry farmers.
Allan from Virginia was delighted to find The 1910 Inn for his dear Wendy.
Sarla and Ronald cherished their many days’ stay in our Tarpon Springs, which is truly reminiscent of the Greek islands.
In late June and early July Annie The Innkeeper went on a vacation with her family.  It is beneficial and educational for an innkeeper to experience hotels, motels, and apartments from the perspective of a guest, and Annie returned to her beloved inn quite energized.
Guests Doug and Roxanne are amazing photographers.  See their facebook page and its July 14 and 15, 2013  photos of The 1910 Inn and Tarpon Springs.
They captured the beauty of the inn’s parlor, breakfast, and side garden.   Oh, you will love their Tarpon Springs photos!  One of my favorites is entitled, A Glorious Church.  Majestic, powerful, lonely.
The arrival of Cathy and Lamont has brought smiles and classical music to the  apartments.  It is wonderful to have them join the inn’s family! 
Return Guests!  The sequence of return guests has begun, and it truly confirms that we all feel like ‘family’ here at The 1910 Inn.  Inn guests become friends and stay in touch with each other.  Coincidentally, Sarla returned to the inn with her family during the same time that Wendy returned.  They are friends for sure, now. 
Oh, I must mention “The Day of the Three Wendys”.  One day Guest Wendy, Bride-To-Be Wendy (October wedding at The 1910 Inn), and Apartment Tenant Wendy all arrived at the inn at the same time.  What are the odds of that!!
Guest  Jim from Orlando returned for some church business.
A new inn friend, Phyllis, came to tour the inn one morning.  Imagine my surprise to see dear friend, Jake, with her.  Phyllis is Jake’s grandmother.  I have known and loved Jake for years.
Inn guests enjoyed a July Wine Walk.  The 1910 Inn was a host destination for the wine-tasting event.  Also, the inn guests became ‘Greek for a night’ at Night In The Islands at the Sponge Docks.  (Greek) Music, (Greek) food, (Greek) dessert, and (Greek) wine…A bit of heaven on earth!
Oh-so-sweet, peaceful, and darling!  The new-and-improved Side Garden!
A very hard-working young man, Michael, transformed the garden retreat from a faded and parched terrain to a lush haven of natural succulents and cushioned cedar-red mulch.  The mulch complements the vintage brick foundation of the inn and the brick floor that lies beneath vintage black wrought iron dining tables and chairs.
Butterflies feast on sweet purple flowers.  Arni (say that with a Greek accent and rolling the “r”; here is some trivia: ‘arni’ means ‘lamb’ in Greek), the wrought iron lamb, is nestled between the purple wicker chairs.  The plumeria tree, a gift from friend Agnes, has taken root and will bloom yellow flowers in future years.  The lime tree finally seems to be thriving, ever since Yiayia Sylvia came to its rescue during June.  Below the lime tree a sweet little mermaid statue, a gift from Guest Wendy, sunbathes upon a vintage brick.  Michael has relocated the potted herb garden to various locations in the Side Garden, so the individuality of each herb plant is now discernable.  Mary’s clay pots, adorned with the words “Peace”, “Love”, and “Joy”, bring a smile to my face each time I glance out the kitchen window.
Rain or shine the Side Garden is adorable!
So the summer at The 1910 Inn has been quite productive…and this is good, because the fall and winter months are bringing:
Bridal showers, a 50 Anniversary Party, a Wedding, and a Masquerade Party
Thank you for reading The 1910 Inn’s summer 2013 update.   Life at the inn is a step back in time.

Be well, dear friends.

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Posted on June 13, 2013 at 9:31 AM Comments comments (20)

Reviewed June 12, 2013

LOVE this place! It has recently been renovated to perfection. The owner, Annie, is sweet as pie, & so accommodating. I am a B & B aficionado, & have been to them all over the world, & this one is in the top 3. Adore the whole experience!
Room Tip: I stayed in Room 1- gorgeous!

May of Miraculous Blooms, Mia, Magister, and Maintenance

Posted on June 3, 2013 at 3:23 AM Comments comments (118)
May 2013 Journal

An afternoon of still-warm-from-the-oven BAKLAVA shared with wonderful new friends!  That is one of the highlights of May at The 1910 Inn, in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  I reflect back at the end of each month and I am always in awe of the succession of wonderful guests who are drawn to the inn.  Really it seems odd to call them guests, because they begin to feel like family.  They are strangers to each other, but not for long.  They visit together in the rocking chairs on the front veranda, playing a game they invented: “Wave At The Passing Cars And See How Many Drivers Wave Back”.  They talk and laugh together at the breakfast table, and you would believe they have been friends for years. I sincerely mean it when I tell them that I do not forget any of them when they leave.  I like them.  They are ‘friends of the inn’, and I miss them when they leave.
There was a “Jason Weekend”, when guest Jason performed “surgery” on a vacuum cleaner, met Bill and Chris in Clearwater to retrieve an inn key, and became Omelet Chef Extraordinaire on the third morning of his stay at the inn.
Earl Gray…he’s back at The 1910 Inn!  Well, actually, his TEA is back at the inn.  It was so very wonderful to get to know Sadie during her anniversary weekend.  She would have enjoyed meeting February guest, “Geoff with a G”.  Both love Earl Gray tea. 
Mia stays at the inn almost weekly, as she continues her research and filming for a documentary she and WLRN/Miami are creating in our area.  It was a nice surprise to meet her mother, Anita, during Mia’s last visit.  Oh, and I must mention The Master of Weird!  He has asked me to refer to him as that!  He is also known as Charlie Carlson, the author of Weird Florida.  Thank you, Charlie/The Master of Weird, for the autographed copy of your fascinating book.
Magister…my dear friend of many decades…came to stay at the The 1910 Inn with dear Arthur during the last day of May.  Magister means ‘teacher’ in Latin, and Magister was my Latin teacher more than thirty years ago. These days Magister reminds me that I must now call him Doyle.  What a wonderful visit and dinner we had with Renee, another former student who is still getting used to calling him Doyle.
The Side Garden of The 1910 Inn experienced an “explosion” of cactus flowers during the third and fourth week of May.  This may sound a bit uneventful, or maybe overly-dramatic, but I must mention that this cactus is HUGE and it is ONE HUNDRED YEARS OLD and its infrequent flowers are AS LARGE AS DINNER PLATES and there were NINETY-THREE (93) FLOWERS that bloomed on its peak bloom day!  It was truly a botanical masterpiece.  And breathtaking to behold! (See photos of the blooming century-old cactus on the inn’s facebook page:
Maintenance at the inn:  May has provided some time for a door replacement, a small roof repair, a medium-sized roof repair, and visions of front-lawn landscaping dancing in my head!
Upcoming in June:
The Enrichment Event / a Mom-preneur (Mom Entrepreneur) showcase
The Tarpon Springs Wine Walk on June 15; The 1910 Inn will again be a host destination and a trolley stop. (Pre-purchase your ticket at Tarpon Tavern and at Wine On The Docks)
Upcoming in the summer and fall:
4 weddings at The 1910 Inn.  So romantic!


Astonishing April

Posted on April 30, 2013 at 3:08 PM Comments comments (283)
April 2013 Journal
The April weeks have been exciting and busy at The 1910 Inn in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  Remember the“March 2013 Journal” mentioned upcoming filming at the inn?   That is how April began.  Scenes and interviews for an upcoming episode of the CBS News show ’48 Hours’ were filmed at The 1910 Inn during the first week of April.  The producer, Peter Henderson, selected the inn due to the effects of lighting in the parlor, the entry hall, and the dining room.  The glossy wood floors,  doors and staircase, the length of the hallways, lighting from the veranda shining through the windows, and the shading created by the lighting expertise of Jack and Bill created their ideal setting.  It was a fascinating four days that ended with a crew party and ouzo on the inn’s veranda.  Opa!
Guests…wonderful guests…the kindest of souls!  Every day is a blessing of new friends arriving at the inn. Some guests come with their bicycles and enjoy the miles of The Pinellas Trail.  They like the inn’s one-block vicinity from the trail and the bicycle storage available at the inn.  Some guests come to visit family in the area.  Some need the inn as a refuge prior to upcoming events.  Many guests come to celebrate honeymoons, anniversaries, and birthdays.  Some guests come to escape the last bit of chill they still have ‘up north’. 
Beaches…oh, how our guests love our local Sunset Beach, Howard Beach, and Anclote Island, and the nearby Honeymoon Island, Caladesi Island, and Clearwater Beach.  That tropical, relaxing scent of sunscreen has been wafting through the inn lately.  It always makes me smile and expect to hear a sea gull.
One guest, Joanna from Chicago, was drawn to the inn as a pilgrimage back to Tarpon Springs.  Her story is powerful and moving.  You can read it on the inn’s April 26, 2013 blog (website:; link: “Hello…”; blog title: A ‘Joanna/Maria/Greek Orthodox Holy Week’ Story) and the inn’s facebook page (
Celebrations at the inn! Demetra of Given With Love adorned the inn inside and out with while tulle, taffeta, and turquoise bows.  Victorian finery for the great “Painted Lady”! First, Lani’s baby girl was showered with gifts and love by friends and family in mid April.  Second, Cousins Niko and Erriko brought Niko’s fiancé, Renee, to the inn and to St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral for her baptism prior to her upcoming wedding to Niko in Greece.  Third, Herb from Kissimmee turned 70 years old at the inn with his dear friends.  Actually four of the six guests had just reached milestone birthdays.  They had such fun together at the inn for a few days, and it was a pleasure to have them.  And fourth, the Wine Walk was a lovely evening, as the The 1910 Inn was graced with Victorian chamber music from Kaila with her oboe and from Mary with her bassoon. 
Congratulations to Don and the congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tarpon Springs.  Don is their new minister, and he and Mary will move to Tarpon Springs from Oregon very soon.  It has been enriching to meet and get to know Don, Mary, Rene, and Michael during the recruitment process, when Don and Mary stayed at The 1910 Inn.
Outside at the inn, the Side Garden is coming along nicely.  The gardenia bush and the purple salvia plants are thriving side by side near the herb garden.  Al from the ‘village’ is great with plants.  The lime tree (a sweet Christmas gift from ‘Only-Edible-Or-Biodegradable-Gifts’ Yiayia Sylvia) has been planted into the ground near the purple wicker furniture, and fascinating Kangaroo Paw plants line the walkway into the garden.
What will May 2013 bring to The 1910 Inn?
One never knows...but I look forward to it.
Stay well, dear friends.

A 'Joanna/Maria/Greek Orthodox Holy Week' Story

Posted on April 26, 2013 at 3:21 PM Comments comments (171)
I cannot fully explain it…it beckons people who are MEANT to come to it.  It keeps happening, and each time it happens I know it is not a coincidence.
Initially this story will sound like I was meant to meet Joanna, but really the story goes much further than that.  It is like a ‘Twilight Zone’ story.  Joanna was meant to find Maria.
Here is what recently happened at The 1910 Inn in Tarpon Springs, Florida:
A Greek woman, Joanna from Chicago, called me last week.  She had visited Tarpon Springs once, only once, 27 years ago.  She always knew she needed to come back one day.  Her visit 27 years ago had a profound effect on her. Joanna told me that her hair dresser’s sister said she should stay atThe 1910 Inn.  I do not know her Chicago hairdresser, nor do I know her hairdresser’s sister.
Joanna told me she had gone to college in Tampa.  So had I.  As we talked on the phone last week, it became so ironic that we were both students at the same time, at the same university, with the same major and degree, yet we had never met.  And that happens in large universities.
Joanna arrived at The 1910 Inn yesterday, and we talked more.  (She had grown up in Rhode Island.  Oh, how I love Rhode Island!  A stay at a bed and breakfast inn in Newport,Rhode Island made such an impression on me 20 years ago.  I was compelled to return again and again.  Four more trips, and during the last trip there two years ago, the words “The time is right…I am supposed to make my bed and breakfast visions a reality in Tarpon Springs” did not stay in my thoughts, but were uttered and decided!) Joanna told me why she had come toTarpon Springs 27 years ago.  She came during Greek Orthodox Holy Week.  She was a college student far from home during Easter. That is really difficult to endure, if you are Greek Orthodox.  Life will feel ‘unsettled’, if you are Greek Orthodox and away from the Holy Week church services. 
Another Greek Orthodox college student had lived in the same dormitory building asJoanna.  Joanna could not remember the girl’s name anymore.  They were only acquaintances, but that girl fully understood Joanna’s dilemma.  There was only one solution, of course.  The girl knew she must invite Joanna home with her to Tarpon Springs for church and Easter.  Keep in mind that the college girls had not been friends.  Yet Joanna went to Tarpon Springs and to the girl’s family.  Life was ‘settled’ again for Joanna.
Years went by…27 years…life went along…the girls no longer had their maiden last names.  Joanna always knew she needed to visit Tarpon Springs again one day.  The opportunity came along last week when a group of ladies from Chicago planned a “chick trip” (as Joanna called it) to Ft. Myers, Florida this week, the eve before Greek Orthodox Holy Week.  Joanna never went on such trips.  She is a busy Greek mama.  The group of ladies became upset with Joanna when she told them she needed to rent a car and head north 3 hours on a side trip to Tarpon Springs without them.  She was drawn back to Tarpon Springs.  They did not understand. 
During our chat last evening at The 1910 Inn, as Joanna told me her college/Easter story, she said she could not even remember the Greek girl’s name.  I kept thinking and saying, ‘if the Greek girl from the dormitory was from Tarpon Springs and had been in college when I was, surely I must know of her’.  As the conversation continued, Joanna suddenly remembered the girl’s name…Maria! 
Yes, I knew Maria.  And yes, I know Maria.  My husband baptized Maria’s non-Greek husband16 years ago.  (Just like Ian Miller of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” was baptized.)  
Maria lives in Ft. Myers. 
Ft. Myers…where the “chicks” from the “chick trip” were. 
Ft. Myers…whereJoanna was headed for after her day in Tarpon Springs. 
Ft. Myers…whereJoanna never would have known Maria lives, if she had not been drawn back toTarpon Springs!
We picked up the phone and called Maria.  I said, “Maria…a nice lady from Chicago is at The 1910 Inn right now.  She visited Tarpon Springs many years ago.  She lived in Fontana Hall.”  A short, very short, pause occurred. Then Maria said, “Joanna”.
So…for reasons unknown…for reasons not yet known…Joanna was supposed to find Maria again.  A powerful force made this happen.  It happened through the hairdresser’s sister.  It happened through The 1910 Inn.  It happened through Annie.  There are no coincidences.  Things happen for a reason. 
Again I say,
There is something powerful about this inn, The 1910 Inn in Tarpon Springs, Florida.
Joanna and Maria will see each other tomorrow in Ft. Myers.
Next week is Holy Week.

A Guest's Review Posted On Trip Advisor

Posted on April 16, 2013 at 9:06 AM Comments comments (14)
“A wonderful stay at The 1910 Inn!”
Reviewed April 14, 2013NEWvia mobile
Spontaneously, we decided to take a weekend getaway to Tarpon Springs to shop for antiques and get our Greek food fix. We had stayed at this B&B many years ago, when it was called Spring Bayou Inn and under different ownership. When we stayed in the past, it was fine but I understand that the previous owner let things slide a bit and the reviews on Trip Advisor several years ago were not so good. The new owner, Miss Annie, purchased the Inn late last year and spent months sprucing it up before opening her doors again to guests in January 2013. She and her family have been in Tarpon Springs for generations and she apparently had a special fondness for "this old house" ever since she was a little girl. The Inn has been repainted on the outside and the inside is fresh and clean. The wood gleams throughout the house. Our room was lovely and spacious with a comfortable king size bed and wonderful linens. There were two bottles of water in our room and fine chocolates resting on our pillows, both thoughtful additions. Annie leaves complimentary wine and baked goods for her guests in the afternoon. The Inn also has complimentary wi-fi. It also has a lovely wraparound veranda and Annie has strung white lights around the eaves. After returning from dinner, we sat on the veranda in the rocking chairs and enjoyed a glass of wine. The breakfast buffet was plentiful, with coffee, juice, fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, sausages, and spanikopita (Annie's grandmother's recipe-Yum!) The Inn is located within walking distance of the antique shops and Spring Bayou, and is a short drive to many recommended restaurants and the sponge docks.
We will definitely return to the 1910 Inn and I would recommend the Inn to anyone seeking a nice B&B in Tarpon Springs. Best Wishes to Annie on her new endeavors with her Inn.
Stayed April 2013, traveled as a couple

A 9/11 Love Story (being shared with permission)

Posted on April 13, 2013 at 10:02 AM Comments comments (269)
Oh, such a sweet story shared at the breakfast table one morning by Kim and Billy, guests at The 1910 Inn in Tarpon Springs, Florida:
Thirty years ago Kim and Billy were in their early 20s and dated each other for awhile.  Billy worked as a fire fighter.  In time they went their separate ways.  (As Billy kept mentioning, "She's the only girl who ever dumped me."  And he would smile and chuckle at the phrase.)
Billy had always been best of friends with Kim's cousin, and through the years Billy always hoped he would encounter Kim at one of his friend's family gatherings.  But life continued to take Kim to various moves and various states, and she was never able to return for the family events.  Billy, who never married, continued to be hopeful.
Twenty years elapsed.   20 years.
One Tuesday morning . . . September 11, 2001. . .
life changed in America . . . people changed in America.
A few weeks after 9/11 Kim visited her parents, and on the last day of her visit she told her parents, "We should call Billy and see if he's doing okay."  Kim knew Billy was still a fire fighter, who had ties to New York City and its fire fighters.
So, Kim left a phone message for Billy.  And yes, Billy returned the phone call.  However, Kim had already flown away again.  But things were different this time.
Life was different.  People were different.
Timing was right for Kim and Billy to reconnect, rebuild their friendship, and rekindle the spark that had never been extinguished.
Here is the sweetest part of the story . . .
Billy had never taken his photograph of Kim out of his locker at the fire station.  For 20 years Billy saw Kim's sweet, smiling face each time he opened his locker. 
Let that thought sink in . . . twenty years of an unfinished love story.
Through their telephone calls the love between Kim and Billy blossomed again.  Billy even proposed marriange in a subtle, 'read between the lines' conversation.  Kim, stunned, was silent and smiling.  There was no need for a long courtship.  The love was there.  So a marriage occurred.  And that was 10 years ago.
Life is precious.  Time is precious.  Love is precious.
Thank you, Kim and Billy, for sharing your story.

Many-faceted March

Posted on April 7, 2013 at 4:27 PM Comments comments (713)
March 2013 Journal
The 1910 Inn  has had an interesting month of branching out in various tangents.
At the apartments Al is doing great, and it is a pleasure to have Jeannie join the village.  Some of you may have met her already.
Enriching guests keep finding their way to  The 1910 Inn.
During mid March when the Tampa Bay Championship golf tournament was held at Innisbrook Golf Resort, PGA golf caddies lived at  The 1910 Inn.  John "Cubbie" Burke, Mike "Fluff" Cowan, and Mike "Hicksey" Hicks are such nice gentlemen, and it was a pleasure to entrust the inn to them. Innkeeper Annie discovered that Lysol Mold and Mildew Cleaner does wonders to remove mildewed pond mud from a U.S. Open 2011 Congressional golf shirt.  New friend, Fluff, was very thankful, and gave the shirt to Charlie as a souvenir.  Annie confiscated the souvenir and enclosed it in a shadow box with autographed golf balls for her office.  An extra golf ball was signed with the endearing name "Fluffy Cow"; thanks John and Mike.
One sunny, warm Saturday bride-to-be, Allyson, arrived at the inn in a 1956 Chevy Bel-Air for her bridal shower.  It was a delightful afternoon.  (see the blog entry, "A Victorian Bridal Shower!")
The side garden continues to develop into an eclectic and enchanting retreat.  Arni (Youvetsi), our new pet lamb, blends in perfectly with the existing wrought iron. 
Barry and Rosemary ("kindred spirit") from Michigan soaked in the Florida warmth each afternoon in the side garden. It was so very touching to receive eggplant purple slippers adorned with eggplant purple glass beads that Rosemary knitted for Annie.  Eggplant-colored to match the inn's paint trim.  
The month ended with an unexpected call from CBS News producer, Peter Henderson, and his request to film at The 1910 Inn.  Of course, the film crew will be served some spanakopita and baklava!
Upcoming April Events at The 1910 Inn:
1. CBS filming at The 1910 Inn
2. Lisa hosts a Baby Shower for her friend, Lani.
3. Another Wine Walk...on Saturday April 27
The 1910 Inn will again be a host destination.  Purchase your tickets for the Wine Walk (see website: and come by to hear the live Victorian chamber music and to see the beautiful "Special Event" decorations by Demetra of Given With Love.  She can coordinate your special events; [email protected]

A 'Stranger' Brings A 'Rose' To The Inn

Posted on March 27, 2013 at 4:58 PM Comments comments (1112)
Life is not to be fully understood by us...
The 1910 Inn continues to draw in bearers of life lessons and profound experiences.
A 'Stranger' called and wanted a specific room at the inn for her friend's visit to Tarpon Springs.  At arrival the delicate 'Stranger' carefully climbed the grand staircase to see the bedroom, and she sweetly smiled her approval.
At breakfast her friend explained it would be a last visit between the dear friends.  The young daughter of the 'Stranger' arrived at the inn during breakfast to take the dear family friend to her mother, and she inquired, "Do you know a Mary?  She is my good friend at school."  "Yes, I know Mary...she is my daughter". 
I made the connection later.  Throughout the school year Mary had occasionally mentioned, "My friend Rose's mother is very sick."
Just two weeks elapsed, as the friend of the 'Stranger' said they would.  Again, friends of the 'Stranger' needed rooms at the inn.  It would be for a different type of final visit.
The service was beautiful, peaceful, calm.  Sweet Rose was strong.  Mary hugged Rose and stayed by her side.  They nervously smiled, quietly talked, and nervously quietly laughed.  Both teens are wise beyond their years and fully understand the magnitude of the event Rose faces in her life.
More weeks have passed.  Rose has been pulled into the gathering of Mary's sisters.  Rose is strong.  Without knowing it would happen..or maybe she DID know...the 'Stranger' brought a Rose to the inn.
It feels as if the 'Stranger' is a 'Friend'.  Rest in Peace, Dear Susan.

I found this on

Posted on March 18, 2013 at 4:03 PM Comments comments (262)
“A Tarpon Springs Delight”Reviewed March 17, 2013NEWThe 1910 Inn
32 W Tarpon Avenue
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

The beauty of Tarpon Springs is that it is not like Florida.
The beauty of The 1910 Inn, is that it is not like Florida.
Let me warn you about Annie. She will melt you as a welcome delight into this historic home. A home which she walked past as a girl, a home she always wanted to own, and now she does and she so loves this place and her guests. A Greek hug, a huge ear to ear grin is her welcome. You are part of her family. If you dislike genuine people, she isn't for you and you can avoid the Greek family that is Tarpon Springs.
I casually mentioned as we sat to talk after her welcome hug and a bite of a gorgeous Greek cake with a name I won't even try to remember, that I drink Earl Gray tea. Just casual mind you, I wasn't asking - really boasting about my exquisite palate you understand, mentioned in passing - but ten minutes later - my tea of my choice. Her ever attentive husband Charles, just happened to be at a store.
SWMBO - She Who Must Be Obeyed - my current wife of some two decades or more and I had stayed at this guest house two years before. Slowly dying from neglect, it gave a feel of potential not realized. Swmbo saw on that marvelous internet thing it was now under new ownership. "Lets try it" she ordered. I humbly, as I always do, went along with this "suggestion" as we with a She Who Must Be Obeyed so often do

We arrived - wondering how it would be?
Now it sparkles with love of somebody who adores this old building and a love of people. No professional hotel staff - just Annie and her husband who joins us when he isn't in Clearwater doing Attorney things. He joins us for the most sinful breakfasts. Cearly Charles is infected with Annie's love of people and this house which is again becoming a house beautiful. Harriet and I will see this as it is now "our" place.
You want modern antiseptic, Musac and just like every other place - forget the 1910, OK - it does have wi-fi but you use that, you don't see it.
You want comfort of a home, deep luster floors and many non desighner things to catch the eye, stay at the 1910 because - well just because. A visual delight - and Annie didn't bribe me to say these things.
Delightful pub close by. Great range of beers - real ones - English bar man and his wife during the day. I may find may notes for another report on the pub. Excellent food. Also close by is a local Greek restaurant used by all the locals - don't ask me - Annie will tell you where.
Tarpon Springs has great restaurants - it's own Greek way of being, sponge fishermen - must be some sponge women as well, I just didn't see any and as a small town, it is just like Annie - genuine. Hopefully neither will ever be modernized.

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